Friday, December 14, 2012

Update to Day 5 - Light

I promised to share photos of light for Day 5... but I just couldn't seem to get the time to take the photos I wanted.  Maybe that was because it was just meant to happen on the day that marks the day that we need to see the light that our little boy in heaven sends us. 
I often think of him surrounded in light and sending light to us so these pictures seem appropriate... it tugs at my heart strings and yet gives me such peace....

This one is just awesome to me... you can just see Cole's stone and Christmas tree in the light as Cameron blows out the candles and says goodnight to his twin brother. 

Thanks for all your prayers yesterday, it really was a day of peace and hope for us.  We had teary moments... an especially hard one with Zack just after this photo was taken (he just wishes he could hold Cole) but we had a wonderful chat with our kids about what Cole inspires us to do and how that money we raise will help support other families and hopefully keep other families from having this type of sadness.

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