Friday, December 14, 2012

Day 14 - Gift of Admiration

After yesterday's journey into memories and a physical journey to where it all began in Toronto I decided that it was most fitting to post about a man I greatly admire. 

Dr. Ryan is nothing short of a miracle maker.  He and his team perform countless fetal surgeries every year but it's not just the miracles he performs that make him so amazing.  He has a demeanor that is comforting and yet confident.  He is so genuine and gracious.
I will write more about how grateful he is for what we do for him and the process and plans that our help is going towards another day but suffice to say, he has an amazing memory and even when it seems that he isn't able to get to the questions, information or even pictures that are shared with him he really has it all covered...and remembers that he has!!! 
Some of my admiration for him comes from how he treats his patients and even those that aren't his patients now.  When we were in Toronto, each time, he would talk to us like we were his children, our baby his grandchild and would check out our 'wee lad' with care and concern.  When we saw him after we lost Cole he was very genuine in his sadness for us.  He allowed us time to ask questions and grieve openly with him before he moved on to checking out how Cameron was doing.  Most admirably was that he wasn't working when Cole passed away, he wasn't on call and actually had Christmas plans that day but he came in with an hour of me returning and scanned and rescanned me.  He thought he had the result he wanted and sent me back to my room.  I was just as I was getting much needed loving from my parents when I was called back to see him (about an hour later).  He let everyone come into the room and showed my parents what our boys.  And then hew as all business and spent a long time looking around, measuring etc.  He called in two other doctors and he just would not let it go til he was sure that he had the right plan in place.  He then left for awhile but we had two nurse visits in the next few hours while we waited for him to return to do the life saving blood transfusion on Cameron... he was on the phone and wanted to know how we were holding up and if I still felt no contractions etc.
The blood was finally ready around 8:30 and we joined him for the transfusion procedure.  My dad can attest  to the fact that there was no room for error with the procedure... he was so thorough and focused and yet still made time to ask how I was holding up. 
Each and every visit we have with him he spends time checking Cameron out (will post that picture later too) and asks how he is doing.  He treats us all like we are still his patients.  And yesterday we saw the most amazing example of this as we had a bit of a pregnancy crisis occur with another one of the people in group, another past patient of his.  He not only stepped over the protocol to have her sent to the ER to be checked out and had her sent to his clinic but he returned, after spending close to 45 minutes with us talking and sharing, to see her and do an ultrasound.  He is just amazing. 
We are not the only ones who admire this man and I just felt I must share some of the comments I have found online about his as well as an article that was written about some of the amazing things he has done.

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Past patients have said....

Dr. Ryan is our saviour. My fiancee & I were diagnosed with TTTS, from Sylvan Lake, rushed to Red Deer, rushed to Calgary, rushed to Toronto to the BEST; Dr. Ryan. Unfortunately, we arrived too late, going into labour on the plane ride there. However, I honestly believe that if we were not refered to this man we would have lost our twin girls; Kenzie & Kaydance who are 1 years old September 4th 2010. This man should be awarded with much more that I could ever offer him. Thank you again, one day we will return for a visit to Mount Sinai. Jay & Kristin from; "the province with all that money, Alberta."  

 My healthy twin boys would not be here without the assistance of Dr. Ryan. My children were given a diagnosis of Twin to Twin Transfusion in Calgary, AB; the doctor in Calgary recommended "selective reduction" for the pregnancy. I then contacted Dr. Ryan via telephone from Calgary and he agree to review the medical history. Because of his expertise, we were given hope and a did not elect for "selective reduction". He provided our Calgary physician with guidance and information they simply did not have. Our boys were delivered healthy with a 1 pound weight difference, today they are 9 years old and excel in everything. Dr. Ryan did not get paid anything for his services, the Canadian medical system does not pay for phone consultations and Dr. Ryan did not accept any funds. People like Dr. Ryan are rare in our society, he is a gem and and asset to our health care system and our country.  

 Dr Ryan saved my baby while in untero, with interuterine blood transfusions. I am out of town, and he did anything and everything to help me out, in TO and my hometown. He listened and did what needed to be done. His team in the clinic are amazing people, and Dr Ryan and all the nurses will forever be important to my family and always on our hearts! Thank you Dr Ryan, Kathy and Joyce, and you are all Angels!xoxox 

 My son is now alive because of dr. Ryan. Without the fetal blood transfusion performed by Dr. Ryan in that very day we were sent to Mount Sinai because of the complications we discovered after an emergency ultrasound, my baby wouldn't survived. And even if we left the hospital with a baby that didn't know what he had, I appreciate very much all the efforts that Dr. Ryan putted during my last month of pregnancy. He tried every test possible in order to identify our problem. And the way I was treated by all the medical stuff, from Maria, the cleaning lady 'till Dr. Ryan, the head of the 7th floor was a good experience for me. The whole team was wonderful, I don't have enough good words for those people. Same thing regarding Dr. Seward and Dr. Windrom. Dr. Ryan has a certainty and confidence when he talks to you and after a disccusion with him you know where you are and what your situation is. And that confidence gave me the hope I needed it and didn't let me sleep in despair.  

 After being referred to Dr. Ryan for my high risk twin pregnancy I cannot say enough about this man or his collegue Dr. Seward. It was suggested that my twins had spina bifida, twin to twin transfusion syndrome and a heart defect. After already losing three pregnancies I was a complete mess. Dr. Ryan has a kind and gentle voice, confidence and intelligence and he made me feel better almost instantly. Although everything except the TTTS was ruled out he continued to see me until he knew that my babies would survive. Thanks to Dr. Ryan I have two beautiful, healthy little angels that have changed my life so incredibly. I know he is a very very busy man but when he takes you under his wing you know you are in good hands. If it wasn't for him I don't think my babies would have survived just because of the amount of stress I was under. He is known as the Godfather of Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome and let me tell you he truly is. Thank You Dr. Ryan -The Dulases

 Dr. Ryan has the chosen one of the most difficult careers available in medicine. Everyone of his patients is/was involved in a high risk pregnancy. And yet he treats single couple as though they are the most important people, and never ever hinted that the troubles the couple is going through happens every day, all the time to other people. He made the most difficult time in our life more bearable.  

  Dr. Ryan and his team at the special pregnancy program at Mount Sinai made the worst experience of my life more bearable. He is a gentle, caring and incredibly knowledgeable physician. At 12 weeks we found out that our unborn daughter had a lethal birth defect. We were referred to Mt. Sinai and specifically to Dr. Ryan. He treated us with care, respect and gave us many hours of his time and expertise. In the end our little Hannah did not survive.She was born at 23 weeks. He was there throughout the entire process and held our little daughter with the care and respect that she deserved. I can't say enough about this man. He also guided us through the first 20 weeks with our second daughter who was born right on time and is a healthy 7 month old now. 

Truly a man I can admire for the rest of my life.  I think Cameron feels the same way....

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