Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Day 11 - Joy

Today I wrote this as my status on Facebook ...
Today is a day of 4's... 4 years ago 4 letters changed my life 4 ever.
Wow ...4 years since I fought to have an ultrasound ...not because I thought something was wrong but rather because I was there, had taken the time off work and was desperate to know the gender of my babies. That was all I was focused on, all I was worried about. Little did I know that a war was being staged in my womb.
I really have a hard time remembering that day. Parts of it are crystal clear but many memories are cloudy and hazy...softened maybe. I remember being very upset walking out of the hospital but I don't remember walking to the car. I remember trying to call my mom over and over but really don't remember calling Geoff to tell him what was going on. I remember registering at the hospital and refusing to take the twin a and b wrist bands they wanted to give me (there was no way my babies were going to arrive ) but I don't remember walking to my room or really much about the admission.
But one crystal clear memory was when Dr. Whittle said 'now let's move on and check out Mr. B's here and the absolute joy, even in the midst of this scary time, that we had at the news that our babies were boys!
The most joyful moments of my life involve my children. They bring me such joy, such unbelievable happiness, pleasure and contentment.
And so in the days to come, as hard as they are, I know that the joy I feel when with my boys will take me through this. And the joy I see on their faces in moments like those shown below just make it all that much joyful for me.
I could not get any pictures of my joyful second born to load in my collage so I added a few below.

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