Friday, December 7, 2012

Day 7 - Affection

I don't have much to write today that isn't tied into yesterday's post. 
Affection is the easiest way for a child to show his love.  And it might just be the easiest way for a parent to show their child the love they have for them

I think of the love between a parent and child and know there is no greater love than that. Isn’t it wonderful that we all have a Father who loves us like that too. Those of us who are parents know this type of love. The type where you would do just about anything for your child. You’d go without food or clothes for them, you’d fight til death for them and you’d even give up your life for them.
No matter what happens, we love our children. Even if they have fallen, made decisions we don’t agree with, hurt others or committed crimes… we still love them and always will. When our child is sick and throwing up all over us, we love them. When we hold that toddler who just wants to snuggle but who smells like the mess he has in his diaper…we love them. When they hit us, tell us they hate us, when they chose everyone but us to be with…we love them. Even the heart of a fallen parent or the heart of the parent of a fallen child is like that, so imagine how earnestly God wanted to love Adam and Eve though they sinned.
So enjoy that gift of affection, cherish it and know just how wonderful of a gift it is.  

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