Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day 16 - The gift of Encouragement

I am so behind the eight ball on this project, MY project.  Oh well…better late then never
I heard a great talk one day on how and why we need to encourage others.  My friend who spoke about this used the poppy as her reference point.
As a poppy grows it forms a seed pocket of sorts and that surrounds its bloom.  

As it opens from this pod a popping sound can be heard.  
 It’s seeds fall to earth blow or blow in the wind, spreading new life everywhere.

 The poppy slowly unfolds, it’s petals open up.  They are wrinkled and damp. 

Then they slowly rise up to the sun, opening up and stretch out.  The wrinkles fall away and what we are left with is a beautiful delicate flower. 

We are like those poppies.  We all have talents and strengths inside of us.  We need encouragement to open up, reach to the sun and show off our beauty.  As we do this we spread our seeds and create new life of sorts.  We plant seeds of hope and beauty in those around us.   As you are encouraged you give your blossom life.  As you do that you spread your seeds and this nurtures and feeds others. 
Is it always easy for a poppy to bloom…no.  Like all plants, there is a time and season for their growth and sometimes it takes time.  Sometimes they need help…sunlight, moisture, nurturing.  We can be that for others, especially those with the same bloom and beauty as us.  My friend who spoke of this told us a secret…. the nurturing of someone with the same talent as you…the encouragement of that talent…that can be the hardest thing to do.  It means stepping back into the shadows and letting someone else have the glory, have the stage.  It is even harder when their bloom is more beautiful then ours.  But when you look around at the joy that is shared by those who we encourage, as you see those seeds burst from the seed pod and the bloom slowly open and spread it’s petals you know that they have given an amazing gift to others and begun the process all over again.  And you can know that you were a part of that, even if you were in the background and no one knew you were there.  

Day 17 - Appreciation
Appreciation is a wonderful thing.  It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.


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