Monday, December 24, 2012

Day 23 - Compassion

Today I am chosing to focus on compassion.  I could fill the day with stories of compassion that has been shown to me in times of grief.  There are so very many to share.  
I decided to chose to show one story in particular... the story of sign of compassion that was completely unexpected and so both of us.
One day when Cameron was about 6 months old there was a knock at my door.  I was in the middle of feeding him and having a moment of my own... looking at Cameron when I fed him was often hard for me... seeing him at peace, so calm and so loving often made me miss what I had lost.  
Anyway, I got up to answer the door...trying of course to unlatch the feeding baby and be somewhat discreet.  What greeted me at the door was something that brought instant tears to my eyes and I was filled with such love for the person standing there.  
You see a wonderful neighbour (of sorts... it's a pretty small town so everyone is your neighbour here), actually my hairdresser, stood there with this.....

It was and is the most perfect addition to Cole's garden.  A wonderful to symbol of the care that my baby will always have in the hands of his Father above.  
This gesture was so filled with compassion for obvious reasons but also for others too. 
You see my friend Gerdina is the mom of fraternal twin boys.  She had a hard time getting pregnant with them and was on bedrest and in hospital for part of her pregnancy too.  The week after our loss we were all supposed to go and get our hair cut.  I couldn't do it, I could not handle seeing her and I just hoped she understood.  I asked one of her employees...another neighbour, if she could cut the boys hair at her house and explain to Gerdina why.  I knew she would understand...she's just that kind of person.  
Fast forward about six months.... to the time when we honoured Cole at a memorial service and friends and family brought items for his garden.  In the past when someone on our street lost someone there was a collection taken and often a garden angel was purchased.  That didn't happen for us and I will admit, I was pretty hurt.  It still makes me wonder but I have moved past it.  
And so this gesture of compassion was just so heartfelt to me and I thank my friend for making my day then and making Cole's garden and even more special place. 

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