Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 3 - The Gift of Inspiration

I knew, instantly, who I would say was the great gift of inspiration to me.  Actually not who but whom.... these folks here...

These are my friends Lonnie Somers and Tammy Smith (and her TTTS survivor, Zachary)
When I was first diagnosed and my world turned upside down I went looking for support.  These two amazing people found me more then I found them.  Tammy called me numerous times in the first few weeks after we lost Cole and Lonnie got answer after answer for me when I didn't know what to do or what was going on.  Fetal Hope is Lonnie's brain child and what a brain child it is.  They do amazing things with that organization... provide funding for families to travel to get treatment, provide answers or opinions via a medical board, get people into the right care with the right doctor.  They save lives, they save sanity.
They are the people who inspired me to work hard to support others going through a pregnancy crisis and they are the reason I spend hours online talking to people I have never met, helping people I have never met.  They inspired me to raise money to help with treatment and research at Mt. Sinai...they are simply an Inspiration to all!!!

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