Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 10 - Gift of Friendship

This is a subject that is so multifaceted for me and is an area I have written about before.  I always fear when I write about friends that I will leave someone off...and so today I am going to just mention a group of new friends in my life and how amazing they are for me...and leave it at that for now... I just don't have the room to mention all the amazing people who have blessed me with the gift of friendship.
Around a year ago I began to get to know some people in our new church.  It's hard being the new person AND new to the faith.  You aren't always sure who you are so it's hard to get to know others when you are just getting to know yourself.
I connected with a few folks and a year ago I had some amazing support at during the crummy days that December can bring for me.  I started to share some of myself and our story with others and by mid January I had really connected with a wonderful woman. On a whim of sorts one day, I invited her and her family over from dinner and it was just awesome.  They shared some of themselves with us but moreover they wanted to hear about us and they wanted to know how they could help us.  We quickly became amazing friends and soon we connected with others in their circle of friends.  I know that no matter is going on in my life, I have this amazing group who will listen, share their thoughts, pray for me and just give me a hug.  Just yesterday I had two friends from different areas of my church life stop me and ask me how I was doing and let me know that they were here for me now and always...that they would be thinking of us this week and praying for further healing. 
I don't even know how to describe the place I am in right now when it comes to friendship but it is just awesome.  I am not sure I have ever felt as welcome or at ease with a group of people, never as confident and comfortable.  I am so glad to have these great folks in my life.
This quote says it all for me right now... I have a great many friends who I know will have me in their thoughts and prayers in the next few days.... both my 'real life' friends and the ones who 'get it' and walk this walk right along side me.
Thank you all for being such amazing gifts!!!

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