Friday, February 25, 2011

Today You're Two!

On the eve of the second anniversary of one of the most bittersweet days of my life I wanted to blog my thoughts on this day, on my state of mind, on where I am at. I guess I could wait till tomorrow but tomorrow will be filled with activities, outings (hockey) and the excitement of a little miracle turning two.
This day holds such special memories for me of both of my twin sons. It was a day of joy and happiness and a day of deep sorrow. It was a beginning and it was an end. If anyone had told me then and most especially 2 years and 11 weeks ago that I would be in the place I am, in the frame of mind I am, feeling as positive and blessed by the passing of Cole, I would have thought them crazy.
But here I sit, here I ponder where two years has brought me.
I am reading Margaret Trudeau's book Changing My Mind right now and have just, ironically, begun reading the chapter on the death of her son Michel. His death triggered a deep depression and she struggled to find her way in the world. But she wrote this poem for him and it really struck a cord in me...

Sweep, sweep, dear Mama, for your work is not yet done.
Sweep and weep, dear Mama,
For your lost young son
Sweep, sweep,
Weep, weep,
Mama, your day has not yet come,
Sweep and weep, Mama, for your dead son.

My depression has never been deep and dark like Margaret's but I think sometimes it has been hard to remember that my work is not done yet. There is so much that my twins have guided me to do already and so much more that their lives will bring me to in the future.
Cole and Cameron's life, from the beginning, was one of two. Two little beings, conceived together, growing together and born together. They have both shown me so much about life, so much about myself.
Cameron has taught me about miracles, about baby steps and milestones, about laughter, energy, intensity and love.
Cole has taught me that sadness is okay, tears are fine, communication is a gift. His life and his life beyond death have proven to me that there is great purpose in every life, in every moment, in every tear.
From them both I have learned about compassion, empathy, understanding, kindness, determination and love.
I will always miss my son. I will cry, I will be sad and I will ask why. But I am coming to accept it, to appreciate it. Maybe that seems to strange to some people, it seems strange to me sometimes. I am a different person than I was 2.5 years ago, I am a different person than I was 2 years ago too. I have moments where I miss the person I was then but I have many more moments that I love who I am becoming.
And so this day, though filled with the memories of the moments that I said hello and goodbye to Cole is about celebration... celebrating the amazing gifts that I have been given, celebrating this amazing little boy who defied the odds, who overcame so much and who brings us so much joy each day and celebrating the amazing little boy who watches over us from Heaven and inspires me to be all that I can be.
Today you are two... you will always be two, my dear sons, always a pair, always brothers, always twins... so let's celebrate TWO!
Happy Birthday Cameron and Cole!

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Son always shines...

It’s been a while since I wrote anything. Well that’s not true…I’ve been writing a lot lately, just not on the blog.
The book is coming along well. I will admit that at times it is hard to write. Bringing back the memories is emotional for me but it is also so wonderful too. Remembering my boys together is wonderful, even in the times when both were in my womb but only one of them had a heartbeat.
I would have to say that I am amazed at what I wrote then, at how in tune I was, how well spoken I was, how open and honest. I hope that the tone of the book will come off okay and I hope that I can bring it into perspective for those struggling with the loss of a loved one, for those who have lost a baby or child and most of all, for those who have lost a child or children to TTTS.
And speaking of books… the one that I helped to co-author is finally in print. I keep forgetting to order my copies but here is a link from amazon.
At this point in time it’s only available on kindle but will be in paperback next week I think.
I am hoping writing in this book will help me to get my book published more easily.
Anyway, on to today’s ramble….
I’ve been dealing with a lot of frustration lately. I think it’s the winter blaws and cabin fever but I’m not sure. It just feels like there has been lots of short fuses lately and tons and tons of frustrations.
The other day on my way to work I was having a very bad time with it. The negativity coming from me was thick…you could have cut it from a knife. The thoughts running through my head bordered on cruel and it was just a pretty crappy day.
About 2 minutes from work there is a church which often posts unique and uplifting or thought provoking messages. That day it read “Through the storms the Son shines through”.
I read that message and I stopped…not the car but my head. My horrible thoughts drifted away, my anger resided and my mood lifted. Suddenly the reason for the anger didn’t seem as significant. Suddenly I could see the Son in my storm cloud.
I didn’t turn all of it over to God right there and then. I am human, I can’t always move on that quick. But when I left work and drove by that sign again I smiled… the Son and the sun had both broke through my storm….peace was restored!
I think this message could be used for angry moments and am most certain for sad and stressful moments too. I know I couldn’t have endured this journey without that Son shining through my storm. As I’ve read over some of the things I wrote more than two years ago I can see that, often, I did see Jesus shining through, I could feel God’s love. Grief is a difficult thing, a long journey and the loss of a loved one, especially a child, is the monster of all storms. But that Son…well it just keeps on shining through.

One last quote to leave you with…I found this on a motivational calendar…
An Irish Toast
These things I warmly wish for you –
Someone to love,
Some work to do,
A bit o’ sun
A bit o’ cheer
And a guardian angel
Always near.

Thanks to my special guardian angel..I am so glad you have helped me find my way out of some storms you so much!