Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Okay so I've already posted twice today but I just finished updating our family blog (see sites I love link). I posted this beautiful picture of a garden statue we received from a most unexpected person. Isn't it perfect!!!
Anyway, it got me to thinking about minimizing our loss...again. We often will donate money to purchase statues like this, flowers or make a group donation when someone we know passes away such as a neighbour or relative.
And for all the lovely statues we do have in Cole's garden, all the beautiful flowers and plants and the many garden stones, we have nothing from the group that most recently asked us for not one but two donations.
It makes me wonder...if Cole had been born alive and died then or within days or weeks or even if he'd died as he did inutero and been born right away would we have gotten something from this same group. Is it selfish of me to think this???
Why can't people recognize that just because you didn't get to meet a baby who passes away, especially when it's one who's left behind such a visual reminder of his existence, it's still a tremendous loss to that family and should be treated as such. It feels like such a slap in the face when they ask us for money and most of them never even sent a card when we lost Cole.
Okay venting is done for the day!!!

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