Monday, September 21, 2009

A Reminder

I just posted a devotion that I typed yesterday and thought I'd read over some of the past ones as I often do...a great way to remind myself how far I've come. Today as I did this I held a wiggling Cameron in my arms.
Anyway, right now as I type and as I read a few entries the music played. As 'Angels Among Us' came on. Cameron stilled, looked at me and laid his head on my shoulder and then he sat back up and I sang this song to him...and I cried.
He truly is an angel among us and a blessing and gift from God. I am so very lucky and blessed to have all 4 of my children but Cameron will always remind me a bit more that angels really do live among us. He is filled with joy. I truly believe he has the zest of life of the two little boys who resided in my womb together and often say that I don't think he would have the same personality if his twin brother had survived. It's kind of like I get to have them both but in one body instead of two.
Thank you God for Cameron...I am the luckiest Mommy in the world!!

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