Friday, September 25, 2009

Devotion 15 - Jesus Has a Rocking Chair

Have you ever wondered about someone who's passed on to Heaven, ever wondered what it is like there? What soothes you when you think of them there?
This book talks about Jesus having a rocking chair and our children rocking gently in it with him. I love the image...I am a real rocker and have often wondered about who's looking after Cole in Heaven. There have been a few loses in our lives over the last few months...women who've passed away before their time. I take comfort in knowing that someone with experience is up there playing Mommy and Grandma with Cole while he waits for me to arrive.
But the real message behind this entry is of music and how it has affected you through grief. There are listings of songs that might bring comfort to a grieving parent.
Anyone who knows me knows that music has been a part of my life for a very long time. I play many instuments and I LOVE to sing. If you are reading this then you are listening to some songs that mean something to me, especially during this journey. I'd planned to add some of the songs we used at the memorial service but I can't find them on playlist.
I know that God surrounds us with music and the ability to rejoice through it because it is so very poweful. I am often cursed with tears in public when I hear songs that evoke emotions and memories of someone who's passed away. But just as quickly as I cry I also smile because I know this is that person's way of saying hello!
So when you hear 'How Great Thou Art', especially by Alan Jackson, know that this is a special song for me and one I feel a great connection to all the angels in Heaven while I listen to it. If you see me crying in church, in my car when the radio plays, while watching TV or just when some sweet child sings a special song, know that I am hearing Cole's voice and knowing that he's right here with us all.

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