Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Gifts for Christmas Mourning - Words

Ok so I admit...this post is almost a complete repeat of one I posted about 2 years ago when I did this 'gifts' project the last time.  I am tweeking it to suit today, to suit how I feel but many of the links remain to be some of the posts that have been commented on the most, that have helped the most. 

For those that know me well...well in 'real life' it will come as no surprise to you to hear that I think I am blessed with the gift of words though most of you would say 'gift of gab' I am sure.  But what I really mean is that I feel I am very blessed to have been given a gift when it comes to putting thoughts on paper, making it easier for others on their journey as they read what I write, maybe even that I seem to know 'just what to say' to make someone think or make them feel supported, understood or loved. 
I love to write and I love that I can put all that is in my heart and my head on paper even when I can't get it out of my mouth the way I intended it.  That is something I really need to work on but I will say that I think it has come a long way too.  I haven't been writing enough lately and have been given the challenge by my husband to get back at it and get my book done...projects for the new year.

I feel blessed that my words have helped and it brings me to tears when someone writes me and tells me that I really helped them.  I decided for this post, for this day, to give a few links to posts that I made that really impacted others....these ones apply completely to the loss and twin loss worlds but I think have helped others understand things from 'our' perspective too. Please read these ones especially.  It is coming up to the hardest time for me and I really need people to read this and understand why I am the way I am at times...

This next post was one I wrote nearly 4 years ago and came at a moment of terrible sadness for me, it was written on a day that we sad goodbye to a friend who had really impacted my life and was pivotal to a few things for me.  First of all it was pivotal to finding peace.  There was something about this loss, about knowing that my friend was in heaven with my son that made it easier to be here and have Cole there.
It was also pivotal in knowing that writing really was a strength of mine and that I needed to write a book about our journey and all that it has brought to my life.  I never dreamed then that it would take me this long to even get it half finished but it did inspire me to write deeper thing here too.

I feel so blessed to be able to write with a passion that helps with others, with an honesty that affects others and with a sincerity that offers hope and peace. I know that this is a gift from the Lord but it's also a gift I could never have been effective with, have never had the courage to use, never developed in the way I have if it was not for the journey I took with my twins and the loss of Cole.  

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