Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Stories of Hope - Janelle Krey's Story

Janelle read my request for others to share their stories of what happens when God doesn't fix it, when He doesn't answer our prayers the way we thought he would.  She sent me a message and asked to share her story of her first loss. She also lost one of her twins in a later pregnancy and I hope that one day she'll send that story to share as well....

It was early one morning, so early the sun was not yet up. I had bought a pregnancy test the day before. I thought this is it! It is going to be positive! The test said early morning urine was best. I took it. There it was! A faint line. A really faint line! I was so excited! I woke up my husband! Honey! Look! It’s positive! See the line??? He couldn’t see it, but he believed me.

The first thing I did was research. Who was the best OBGYN in our area? I wanted them and I was stuck on them being female. I had several recommend one and I set up our first appointment. A few weeks later we ran into a good praying friend at the local Walmart. We told her our news! She asked to pray with us. We were happy to have her prayers! She asked for blessings and protection.

 A few days later I had a fever, chills, and cramping. We were worried so we went into the ER. They asked about how far along I thought I was and I said 5 weeks. The ultrasound tech said normally one could see the egg sac on the screen at 5 weeks, and that while she could not see it, it didn’t mean I was not pregnant, we could be earlier along than we thought. I was sent home and told that as long as my hCG levels doubled over the weekend, everything should be fine. We asked for prayers from our friends and family. I saw the lab tech on Monday. She took my blood. That afternoon I got a call. They had doubled! It was an answered prayer! They asked that I come in Wednesday to make sure and to take it easy.

Wednesday came and I went to the appointment. I felt great! God was good. Then came the bleeding and cramping. I hadn’t even been gone but a few hours from the doctor’s office. The PA called me back. She said I am pretty sure you are having a miscarriage, but we still need to make sure so come back in on Friday and have your blood redrawn so we can make sure your hCG levels are dropping back down to zero. I went back Friday, had my blood redrawn. I did not receive a call that day. I did not get one on Monday. I went the following Friday, had my blood work done again. Still no phone call. Nor one the following week. I assumed everything was good. We could start trying again in a month.

We took a vacation to see our cousins. One of our favorite things to do while there is visit the zoo. I was walking around when the cramping started again along with bleeding. I said this isn’t right. When we arrived home I called the doctor’s office. She said Please, come in right away for an ultrasound. I had my husband cancel his work. We went in. I could see the egg sac on the screen, but the tech was not saying anything except that we would want to see the doctor. We were shown to a room. The doctor came in. She said “You are still pregnant. But it is ectopic. The baby is in the tube. We have to go in and remove it and possibly your tube.” I said “Can’t we just reattach it in the right spot?” She said “No, once the blood flow is cut off, your baby can not survive. I need you to go to the hospital right away.”

 On August 25th 2011 our 9 week gestational baby along with my right tube was removed. I was devastated. My world as I had known it was torn apart. I questioned everything. Why? We loved that little baby, who we named Matthew Oliver. Matthew meaning gift from God and Oliver because at 9 weeks he was the size of a medium green olive.

I found some hope, I was able to get a picture of the baby. This brought closure. The doctor even said that we could still get pregnant. The remaining tube would do the work of both. I would still ovulate every month. From both sides. We would have to wait 3 months instead of the one.

I was able to take my pain and use it to ease others. I believe this is why God allowed this to happen to me. And why I survived it. 9 weeks is a long time to be pregnant with an ectopic. My tube could have ruptured and I would have died. Prayers and faith kept me alive. I firmly believe that if my friend had not prayed her prayer of protection, I would not be here today.

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