Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Everyone needs something to believe in

I decided today to post some movie clips that speak of hope.  I went on a hunt and found two that really suited my needs.

I haven't actually seen this movie but I love when the old turtle shows the lizard (gecko, iguana???) the town.
"You see them, Mr Rango? All my friends and neighbors. It's a hard life here. Very hard. Do you know how they make it through each and everyday? They believe. They believe it's going to be better. The believe that the water will come. They believe against all odds and evidence that tomorrow will be better than today."

And that is exactly what hope is.  The belief that, against all odds sometimes, better times will come.  I think that's about all that got me through some of the darkest days after Cole passed away... the hope that it couldn't get any worse than it was right then and there.  I remember when my water broke and I woke Geoff up. I said to him, 'when will this nightmare end' but I never cried, I never truly feared anything for Cameron.  I had this sense of hope, this sense that everything was going to be ok...that it couldn't get worse so it had to get better.
This video is from a movie I'd never even heard of.  It gave me mixed emotions as I wrote about hope...because I had such hope that both my boys would live and they didn't.  But this movie shows that determined hope that wraps itself around us sometimes and won't let us give up, won't let us listen to others when they tell us to give up.  Stu is so obviously still hurting from losing his father and looked up to him so much.  He begs Billy to breath telling him that his Daddy says that people can do things that they put their heart to as long as they believe they can.  His faith in God is interesting... he begs him not to take Billy the way he took his Dad.  It shows that he is still filled with the hope that the end prize is time with God, that God is ultimately good.  
But the biggest display of hope comes in the clip when Billy breathes and shares with his friends that he saw an angel who held his hand and, though Billy thought he was going to stay and live in this kingdom, the angel told him to go back and take care of his dad.  The faces of the other children tells it all, it shows that hope. And when it becomes very clear that the angel was Stu's dad this hope, this certainty that life is never truly over but rather continues in heaven, is renewed and strengthened in all the children.  This hope that we will see our loved ones again is strengthened in all who view this I think.

It's what has gotten me through many difficult times, many times where I just can't understand how this can be my life, why I am the one who gets to be the mommy of an angel and his identical twin instead of two identical twins here on earth.  The hope that I will see him again and that I will live forever in 'His Kingdom' is really all I have sometimes.  

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