Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A New Project

So ever since I was the guest blogger, of sorts, on my friend Alexa's blog, No Holding Back , and told my boys story I have been thinking about some things that came to me earlier this year when I wrote about being conflicted and confused about what God wants from me, where he wants me to go. 
It runs along the theme of spiritual gifts which we covered in our church about a year ago...and, of course, I blogged about.
And so I have been thinking about how many times I have shared our journey with others and how it has changed an impacted us, about what we have been motivated to do because of where our twins have taken us.  So many people have told me how 'inspirational' I am.  I laugh at this most times because I really feel that I have done so little.  Don't get me wrong, I do feel encouraged by these amazing compliments of others, but I don't think of myself as inspirational.  Those kinds of words are ones I think of in reference to Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Nick Vujicic (an Australian with no limbs who inspires people, especially children, to pursue their dreams and work past things that seem to stand in their way), Helen Keller and Mahatma Gandhi to name a few.  My impact on the world is small and insignificant in my eyes but I am delighted to know that I have helped others.
I have also shared our story with many of the Christians I have met since becoming born again, since realizing that God was changing my heart and that I could walk with Jesus in my life.  I know that loss brought me closer and closer to God, I know that God allowed TTTS in my life to bring me closer to Jesus and to walk with him.  My testament of how God has worked in my life and how I have come to trust Jesus is one I like to share, though admittedly, it's only really been in the last year or so that I have shared that aspect of our journey.  
When I look at the last 4+ years of my life and see the amazing things that have happened and when I hear the words 'you are an inspiration' I marvel at how crisis, tragedy and loss can inspire such, well, good.  But like I said before, I am not someone who I think of as inspirational.  That word is for the famous people I mentioned but also for those in my own circle, people I have met over the years that have done so much with things born from crisis or tragedy.  My friends Lonnie and Michelle Somers, founders of The Fetal Health Foundation , my friend and fellow TTTS mom of an angel and a survivor, Megan Bradshaw, who founded Tiny Tears  and Carley Dudley, an Australian mom who's loss of her son inspired her to create these amazing images for parents who have lost a child.  
After hearing what people wrote in response to Alexa's blog post about my journey I realized that the good that comes from tragedy needs to be shared.  It is inspiring, it is full of hope and it can help get someone through some pretty tough times.  I think this may be something God is calling me to do as so many of our stories do have a faith component or are clearly amazing works that he has given us to do.
And so I would like to start sharing the stories of others who have been motivated by tragedy and loss. And it doesn't need to be anything more then motivated to share with others or help others...maybe just the fact that you shared your story helped someone else to keep going through their own feelings of sadness, frustration and confusion.  Maybe you remembered the things people brought you when your crisis happened and now you always take a special meal or gift to others.  Maybe you write poetry and share it.  Maybe you go to church now and never would have dreamed you would.  Maybe you decided to change jobs or move to a location where you could make a difference.  Maybe you were inspired, like my friend Piperlyne, to create a website to educate others or maybe to motivate and help others.  The list is endless of the amazing things that have come from a place you wish you'd never gone to.  
I want to hear about it.  I want to share it.  
So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE...share this post with others and then email me your story.  I don't care how long it is and I would love to see pictures in it.  It's time for me to show just how much of a journey life is for us all.
Please email me at jodietummers@gmail.com with your story or any questions you have.  


  1. This is so great Jodie! I think that we can do so much honor for our TTTS warriors by moving forward and making a difference! I am so moved by this post!
    xoxo Alexa

  2. Hi Jodie, I just found your blog while doing research on TTTS. We just found out on Monday we have stage II TTTS and are flying to Philadelphia to get treatment and most likely undergo laser surgery. I am still in the beginning stages where I am angry but I am trying to be strong and hope for the best. Thank you for sharing your story and I am so glad I found your blog. I am going to continue reading your past posts. Please keep us in your prayers. Thanks. :)

    1. Renee... I am so sorry to hear of your roller coaster journey. I am praying for you. Please keep all of us all updated so we can continue to keep you in our prayers.

  3. Jodie... I love it. I would be honored to share my story in this amazing fashion and conglomeration. Right now life is a little crazy for me as you know so please stay on top of me ... so I can get it done for you.

    Thank you for including me.