Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Finding your way

I found this picture in my search for quotes, stories and inspiration from hope. I thought it really suited.
There really is only one way to find your way in life... through Hope and faith. With the hope of things to come, you can endure all things. With the hope of a way out, a way up and direction on the path less traveled you will go far. No one said life was easy, no one said this journey would never come without bumps in the road. There is no perfect path, straight road or easy choices as to with fork in the road to take. But if we remember that hope leads us forward and that the hope we have for the wonderful things in store for us, wonderful gifts from God, promises, possibilities and things we just can't even imagine then we will achieve great things.
All we need is to remember it is a one way path to Heaven if we have the hope of salvation given to us by Christ.
It really is that simple.

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