Monday, September 19, 2011

Where am I???

Where am I?
You might be asking yourself this…that is if anyone actually watches my blog and realized its been, YIKES, 3 months since I posted. I guess life gets in the way and I think that maybe I have had so much to think and talk about that I couldn’t settle on one thing to post about…or just wasn’t ready yet.
For those that know me well, you’ll know that my husband, Geoff has been out of work for a long time. It’s been stressful, for sure but It’s also been good for us as a couple and family. We’ve spent so much time together over the summer and have been working hard at being the family we want to be.
I’d be lying if I said that things have been perfect and most certainly I’d be lying if I said that nothing significant happened to bring us to the place where we decided we needed to work a lot harder on this family. The fact is we were in a very bad place and our future togetherwas very unknown, dark and scary. But then a light began to shine in us, most especially in Geoff. God found him when he needed Him most. Notice I said God found him not he found God. Many would disagree with me here but for someone who has never had any relationship with Christ I think, at times , that is the way it feels. I know because I feel this way too and I’ve had a relationship with the Lord for years. I’ve always been a believer but I’m not sure what I believed in…still am not always sure but my focus is much more intense now. When you hit rock bottom and there is no where else to go but up and this hand comes out from above to help lift you out of the pits, out of temptation, sin and negativity, you have to wonder whether its you finding God or God finding you. I know He’s always been there for me and I often turned to Him in times of struggle. But I never turned to Him in times of joy, peace , contentment and hope. God isn’t just there for me for the hard times, He is there for me all the time! He always was but I needed that push, that kick, that encouragement to really truly feel Him.
I’m going to be writing a lot in the next little while. Much of it will about my exploration into faith , the bible and my relationships. I have so much to say, so much to share…so much to give praise for!
Right now, though, I want to give praise for the many , many people who came out to support us in our second annual fundraiser for Mt. Sinai and for the wonderful gift it was to finally meet another TTTS mom in person. I am in awe of the generosity of the many people who supported us. I’ll give numbers and updates on the bottom of the next few posts but I just want to say a big Thanks to everyone!
So I guess to answer my own question…where am I? In a great place , held up in times of crisis, sorrow and strife by Jesus Christ, rejoicing at the amazing life God has given me!

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